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What is Restore the NRA?

Restore the NRA is an effort to ensure the NRA continues its mission with the highest integrity to effectively service and represent gun owners, sportsmen and hunting enthusiasts.  Restore the NRA is not an organization, it’s just the banner under which funds are being raised to directly pay the legal fees to pursue the motion by Kansas District Court Judge and NRA Board Member Phil Journey asking the Bankruptcy Court to appoint an independent Examiner to determine the merit of allegations made in the avalanche of litigation filed by the New York Attorney General, NRA vendors, and NRA donors and members.

What will the funds raised for this effort accomplish?

Your contribution to this effort is tax deductible and will go to pay the legal expenses of the action.  Judge Journey, though the lead plaintiff in the action, will not derive any financial benefit and since there is no organization, no organization employees will benefit.  A digital advertising firm that is strongly supportive of gun rights and the 2nd Amendment has been engaged to help us get the word out on social media and the internet about this vital effort.  Aside from their expenses, offered to us at a below-market rate, all dollars raised will be used for legal expenses in pursuit of this action.

The NRA is in Bankruptcy?

Recent litigation has brought to light disturbing allegations of executive mismanagement, self-dealing, and various fiscal abuses of NRA funds.  In defense to these allegations and in response to the hostile political environment of New York, NRA executive leadership has filed a legal action declaring the NRA in bankruptcy and seeking to reconstitute itself in Texas with the same executive leadership intact.  Various legal theories conflict as to the legitimacy of such action, but there would be no need for such an extreme action if the allegations made are without merit – and that is why this action was initiated by Judge Journey to make a declarative finding of the truth.

What are the allegations?

Numerous allegations have been made regarding the questionable fiscal management and corporate governance of the NRA.  While the allegations are many, most center around executive fiscal abuses, self-dealing, suspect relationships with vendors, excessive compensation, extravagant “perks,” and circumventing NRA Board oversight.   Allegations are just that – allegations – until proven.  Thus, the action filed to appoint an independent examination to determine whether these very troubling claims are true or false.

If the independent examination is authorized by the court, what happens when its findings are revealed?

Depending on the outcome of the findings – i.e. whether the various allegations have merit or not – there are alternatives the bankruptcy court can pursue.  If some or all of the allegations are determined to have some merit and involve individual executives or NRA Board members, the likely outcome is that those individuals will then be held to account, and the corporate governance of the NRA will be restructured to implement strong safeguards for member funds and to refocus those resources more effectively on the NRA’s mission to advocate for the Second Amendment and to service the sporting needs of NRA members.

Why does the court get to decide what happens?

Unfortunately, current NRA executive leadership chose the extreme action of filing their Petition, putting the whole matter under the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy court.  The court will have the final authority over the outcome, corporate structure and possibly court supervision for an as yet undetermined period of time.   The better outcome from the start would have been for NRA executive leadership to definitively answer the allegations with substantiated evidence to either prove or disprove the allegations and take corrective action as needed.  Instead, the NRA has effectively removed from its members any say in the future of the organization and has instead given that authority to the court, while opening the door to any number of additional legal actions making claim to NRA assets.

Can the NRA really be restored to its premier reputation as the leading Second Amendment advocacy and sportsman’s organization?

Yes! If this matter can be successfully be put to rest through the pending court proceedings, the NRA should be able to come out of bankruptcy stronger and more focused on its mission.   It won’t be without some challenges initially, but overtime with a demonstrated rededication to its mission and a renewed governance with integrity at its center, the NRA can again be the organization its members trust as their voice on the national stage in defense of Second Amendment freedoms and the premier partner to support members sporting activities.

Who is Judge Phil Journey?

Phil Journey is a recently elected NRA Board member, Kansas district court judge, and a former Kansas state senator who authored much of the pro-gun legislation enacted into Kansas law.  Journey also previously served as an NRA Board member from 1995-1998, and served as a past board member of the Kansas State Rifle Association.  Phil is an NRA certified firearms instructor, youth firearms coach, and longtime collector, sporting enthusiast and hunter.  Journey’s passionate support of Second Amendment rights and sporting pursuits inspired his recent successful election to return to the NRA Board, as well as  his leadership of this effort to restore the NRA.

Somewhere in all the legal wrangling lies the truth.  NRA members deserve to know.

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